In the heart of Tennessee there is an abundance of needs and of people who want to help. However, for reasons unknown, the need and the help do not always get connected. For the one who wants to make a difference, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.  This doesn't have to be the case for you. After encountering so many stories of people seeking to serve and missing out on  opportunities to do so, a team of people has come together to help bridge that gap.  

We at Unite the Light understand that we do not know what we do not know; therefore,  we are actively seeking to help people understand what is happening in Middle Tennessee and how to find their place in this story.....

How to be light in the midst of darkness......

Unite the Light exits as a collaborative work to cross denominations, cultures and divides in order to truly experience what it would be like to mobilize our united body for Christ.

On this day we pray that connections are made so that people seeking to serve will find ample opportunities to do as well as find care for their soul.  There will be an abudance of ministries represented, topics to be explored, and a true opportunity to see what next steps could look like as we all worship, learn and explore together. 

Since Unite the Light's first event in 2022, God has been working to bring together a like minded group of change-makers, thinkers, and leaders committed to mulit-sector collaboration.  This growing Nashville area faith network seeks to positively transform the spiritual climate of Nashville, and spotlight the incredible work being done by various Christ-centered organizations.

Unite the Light is for anyone who wants to serve and mobilize the community.  This gathering is for organizations, individuals, families, groups, churches, schools, etc.  There is a seat for you at the table.  

Come help us UNITE THE LIGHT! 

The Team 

The people who planned this event

Adam Buzard

Operation Andrew

Adam Johnson


Andy Whisenant

Both Hands

Cathy Paterson

Mission Increase

Beth Moore

Tennessee Baptist Misson Board

Diane Janbakhsh

Hispanic Family Foundation

Donna Cella


Kent Singletary

Community Minister Network

Mark Janbakhsh

Plaza Mariachi

Matt Worley

Chalmers Institute Ambassador

Monica Reyna

Hispanic Family Foundation

Richard Williams

Nonprofit Board Leader

Susi Vanquez

Community Ambassador

Vicki Howell

Brentwood Baptist Church